“I’m a bad mom because I can’t breastfeed the way that I want to.” We have all had that thought when it comes to trying to breastfeed our babies. Some mothers have a milk supply that can supply a grocery store, while others can barely get a few drops of colostrum out. It is no secret that breastfeeding is the best option for your baby, but we don’t shed light on the fact that it just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us choose not to do it, some of us try but can’t, and some are breastfeeding warriors. As parents, we try to raise each of our kids in the same way, but in reality that just isn’t possible. The same goes for breastfeeding. Each child is different! One child may not want to be breastfeed, while others don’t want to let you go. Do not get discouraged if breastfeeding is not working out for you. There are tips that can help, and I’m here to give you some of them.

As a mom, I have not had the easiest time trying to breastfeed my kids. With my firstborn, I tried so hard to breastfeed, and was only able to do it for about three months. Being a first-time mom, I wanted to stay strict on breastfeeding only. I got extremely frustrated because my milk supply did not come in right away, which caused me to supplement breast milk and formula. I was okay with formula feeding when I was outside of the home, because I was not comfortable breastfeeding in public, but I still wanted to focus on breastfeeding as much as possible. My other issue was that my daughter just couldn’t get the latching part down. I had a few specialists come to show me how to properly get her to latch, and what to do if she was being stubborn and didn’t want to eat. She did latch well sometimes, but most times, she wanted nothing to do with breastfeeding. She wanted milk when she wanted it, and you were going to give it to her. Unfortunately, with my first-born, my milk supply just did not want to catch up with her feeding schedule.
My second daughter did a little bit better than the first. She latched on right away and my milk came in faster then it did the first time around. Again, I found myself having trouble keeping my milk supply up to her feeding schedule. This time around, I focused more on pumping at home rather than formula feeding. I could not get more than two ounces of milk per pumping session. I was able to prolong breastfeeding until she was six months. When I had my third daughter, I was determined to feed for as long as I could. Maybe it’s a girl thing, but she did not want to be breastfed. I did however breastfeed until she was seven months old. My milk supply did not increase very much, but breastfeeding got a lot easier with each child.
When my son was born, that was the easiest breastfeeding experience ever. This could be because he is a boy, and well…you know. I am happy to say that I breast fed him until he was a little under a year old. This was by far the easiest breastfeeding experience that I have ever had. The one thing that I did differently is that I realized that I could do things to increase my milk supply. With my first three babies, I thought that what my body produced was all that it could make. I did not realize that I could help my body in producing more milk. I made small changes, and I can’t believe how much it helped. I went from barely being able to produce two ounces at one pumping session, to a full bottle from one breast. I heard about a product called Mother’s Milk. I was hesitant at first because I didn’t think that a tea would help me in my situation. I gave it a try anyway. It took a while, but by the time I got to my second box of tea, I noticed a significant increase in my milk supply. I also heard of another product that would help which contained Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle. These two ingredients are basically the magic potion for breast milk, so why wouldn’t I try it? Every morning I would drink a glass of the Fenugreek and Thistle Berry drink. It is easy to prepare. All you need is an 8-12 ounce glass of water or juice and one packet of the drink mix, stir and enjoy. I would also drink a minimum of three cups of Mother’s Milk tea per day. I could not believe how just these two items cold help save my breastfeeding doubts. I definitely recommend these if you are having trouble with your milk supply.
Now there are a few products that were a go to for each baby and that is because breastfeeding can be brutal. During my time breastfeeding my son, I had to resort to using disposable breast pads. Every time I laid on my stomach I would leak milk, so these definitely came in handy. Keep in mind that there are moms that will leak at any time, so these are an absolute must for anyone breastfeeding. Every single pregnancy will need to be accompanied by prenatal vitamins. With my first pregnancy, I took the vitamins that were prescribed by my doctor (you know, the big pink one), and I could not keep those down for the life of me. I changed to the prenatal gummy vitamins and those were my favorite. They taste amazing and do not leave that nasty chalk like taste in your mouth. I also made a habit of using lanolin after every feeding. Lanolin is designed to keep the moisture on your breasts after each feeding so that your skin does not get chapped, and it also helps any possible bleeding. With my first-born, I was in so much pain from her not latching right, to the point of broken skin and scabs, which was not pretty at all. That is the reality of breastfeeding! It’s a beautiful thing to experience, but also a hard fought journey. This is just the beginning step of becoming a mom.
Here are a few of the items that I have used that have helped me with my breastfeeding journey:
(Disclaimer: “As an Amazon Associate I may earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases.” I have personally used these products to help with milk supply, discomfort, and other breastfeeding issues. I personally recommend these products because they did help me. Keep in mind that these products may not be suitable for everyone, and may or may not help you as much as they did for me).
Mother’s Milk Tea
Upspring Milkflow Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle Berry Drink
Medela Tender Care Lanolin
Vitafusion Prenatal Gummies
I was fortunate enough to not leak very much after using these products, however I did occasionally use Lansinoh Disposable Breast Pads.

Please remember that breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful thing. Do not ever be discouraged or feel bad for doing what is best for your baby, even if it’s not breastfeeding. You are the only one that truly knows what your baby needs. For those that have held out breastfeeding for years, I just want to say “You are freaking awesome! Keep it going!”

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