Title: 22 Jump Street

Writers: Michael Bacall, Oren Uziel, Rodney Rotham

Directors: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller

Year: 2014

Major Actors: Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Ice Cube

Dialogue: The dialogue in the movie is the words spoken between each character. If there were no dialogue, it would not be the movie that it is. The dialogue is what makes the comedy in the movie. The dialogue shows the personalities of the characters.

Sound Effects: Sound effects are the background sounds that you hear throughout a movie. In 22 Jump Street, you can hear a variety of sounds. For example, When Schmidt and Jenko go undercover as college students and try to find the drug suppliers, when they realize a break in the case you can hear a bell sound. Also when Captain Dickson realizes that Schmidt slept with his daughter you can hear the bell to signify that he came to a realization.

Music: The music is what sets the overall tone and mood in the film. In 22 Jump Street, the music played is party and Hip Hop that the younger generation listens to. The theme song to the movie actually happens to be a techno song. The music ensures that the viewer is aware of the college party atmosphere.


Sounds establish the theme of the movie by adding music and sounds that fit in with the genre. For example, Party music plays throughout the college scenes to let the viewer know that they are at a party in college. The use of sound sets the mood of the story. Once you hear upbeat music you have the sense that the movie is going to be fun. If the movie were to have horror film sounds such as heavy breathing, than you would think that something terrible is going to happen. This would in turn throw off the overall theme of the movie and confuse the viewer.


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