Title: Frozen

Writer: Jennifer Lee, Hans Christian Anderson, Chris Buck, Shane Morris, Dean Wellins

Director: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Year: 2013

Major Actors: Kristen Bell (As the voice of Anna), Idina Menzel (As the voice of Elsa), Jonathan Groff (As the voice of Kristoff and Sven), Josh Gad (As the voice of Olaf).

Story: Frozen is a Disney film that was made in 2013. It is about a pair of sisters named Anna and Elsa. Anna sets off on a journey to find her sister Elsa who accidentally froze Arendelle and ran away. With the help of Kristoff, his reindeer Sven and Olaf, Anna finds Elsa hiding in her ice castle. Together these two sisters become closer than ever to free Arendelle of any harm done.

Plot: The film starts off with ice harvestors, including a young Kristoff and Sven, cutting and hauling blocks of ice from a frozen lake.

The film then focuses on the castle in a town called Arendelle, where a young Princess Anna and Princess Elsa live. One very early morning Anna wakes up Elsa by asking, “Do you wanna build a snowman?” This wakes Elsa in excitement and they proceed to the ballroom. Elsa then starts to show off her skill of magic and transforms the ballroom into an ice playground. They play happily and make a snowman and name him Olaf. Elsa then proceeds to make snow bumps as Anna leaps from bump to bump. Anna, not noticing that Elsa cannot keep up, goes faster and faster. Elsa warns her to slow down and ends up hitting Anna in the head with her powers by accident.

The royal family rushes Anna through the forest; where Kristoff and Sven see them and start to follow them, and the family goes to visit the magical trolls. They stop at their destination and there is nothing but boulders everywhere. These boulders then turn into the magical trolls. The Grand Pabbie troll takes away Anna’s memory of Elsa’s power in order to heal her from being hit.

The family then returns to the castle where they keep Anna and Elsa away from each other, and continue to hide Elsa’s powers. Elsa’s power gets stronger so her parents go on a journey to try to help her. While on their journey they encounter a terrible storm where they both lose their lives. Elsa now has to become queen when she comes of age. Once she does they celebrate with a coronation, which Anna and Elsa finally meet face to face again. Anna meets Hans and they decide on the day that they met that they want to get married. When they tell Elsa she declines to bless their marriage and it ends in disagreement. Anna tries to grab Elsa as she is walking away and Elsa turns to Anna and when she puts out her hand she fires ice across the room. Elsa gets scared and runs away from the castle.

Anna then goes on a journey to find Elsa and on the way she meets Kristoff and Sven, who help her to find the North Mountain, where she believes Elsa is hiding. While they are on their way to the North Mountain they hear a cheerful voice. They turn to see a snowman who introduces himself as Olaf. Anna has a brief memory of Olaf and she recognizes him from her memory. The four of them make it to the North Mountain where they find an elaborate ice castle and a transformed Elsa.

Anna and Elsa have another argument because Anna is trying to get her to come back to Arrendelle and she does not want to. Elsa gets mad and let’s go of her powers which again hits Anna but this time in her heart. Elsa then kicks everyone out and in order to keep them out she creates an ice monster who Olaf calls Marshmallow. The ice monster chases them when Anna decides to throw a snowball at it. Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven go to visit the trolls to see if they can heal Anna and her heart. The trolls think that they went there because they were in love and try to get them to marry. When they realize the real reason, they inform them that true loves kiss is the cure. They rush back to the castle to go get Hans so that he can kiss Anna.

Meanwhile back at the castle, Hans is on his way to get Anna from Elsa’s castle when they encounters a scared Elsa and an angry Marshmallow. Hans is battling Marshmallow while the guards capture Elsa. Elsa gets knocked out by a falling chandelier. When she wakes up she is in a jail cell with her hands chained so that she cannot use her powers. Hans tells Elsa that Anna never returned.

Once back at the castle, Anna goes inside and finds Hans and tells him to kiss her. As he leans in he says, “If only there were someone here that loved you.” Hans only wanted to marry Anna to be crowned King. He then puts out the fire in the room so that Anna can freeze to death and he has plans to stab Elsa so that the eternal winter can end and he can become king. Olaf finds Anna in a locked room and uses his carrot nose to pick the lock. He re-lights the fire, not realizing that he will melt and tries to make Anna warm. He tells her, “She is worth melting for, but maybe not today.” Anna is able to get out of the room to go find Elsa.

Elsa manages to escape from the jail cell and tries to go find Anna. Hans finds Elsa and tell her that Anna had died in his arms. Devastated, Elsa falls to her knees with her back turned towards Hans and starts to cry. Her emotion makes time stand still. Hans pulls out his sword in hopes to kill Elsa when Anna runs in between to stop him. By this point Anna’s heart has frozen cold, so instead of her getting killed she freezes entirely and shatters the sword. Elsa turns around and notices her frozen sister. Elsa cries out for Anna and hugs her. Anna then starts to unfreeze and makes Elsa realize that the unfreezing was an act of love. Elsa is then able to unfreeze Arendelle and she keeps a flurry cloud over Olaf so that he does not melt. Once this is done, everyone celebrates and Hans is punched by Anna and then arrested.

Elsa learns to use her powers for good and uses them to make a winter wonderland for Arendelle.

Chronology: The film was told in chronological order while going back and forth between scenes. This showed that there is more than one point of view within the story. This helped because you see the emotion  the characters and see what each one is going through. It helps you to see the bond that these sisters have.

The chronology helped to develop Anna and Elsa by showing their determination and how they overcame being scared and betrayed.

If the film was told non-linearly it would have been all over the place. The story would not make sense because things would not interact with each other. The viewer would not feel the connection and the relationship between the characters.


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    1. Yes. I can totally relate. I have three girls, and Frozen was on repeat FOREVER! Now I have a son, and his go to is Cars or Sing. Thankfully I love Disney, so I can’t complain for watching them when the kids are not around.

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