Are you in need of an easy and affordable Halloween decoration that will knock your neighbors socks off? Here is a super quick way to get into the Halloween spirit. And all it takes is two tools that you should already have in your house, and two items that cost as little as $1 each. Yes, I said it, a dollar each!!! No tricking around here, just treating! This super creative Halloween decor only cost me $2 to make, thank you Walmart. Here are the steps to turn a $1 plastic Halloween pumpkin into a kid friendly Halloween decoration.



Tools Needed:

2- $1/ each plastic Halloween candy buckets (I purchased mine from Walmart)

1- Black Sharpie Marker

1- Pair of household scissors


← Step 1: Purchase two plastic pumpkin candy baskets. I purchased mine from Walmart for $1 each. Walmart has a variety of colors such as orange, pink, and blue. I personally like the original pumpkin orange.


Step 2:

Take the black Sharpie marker and draw two lines down the back of the pumpkin. The pumpkin already has the grooves on it, so use those as guides and draw them two ridges apart. (See right picture→)



The two drawn grooves should be centered with the face on the front of the pumpkin.

(←See left picture).




Step 3: Use the scissors to cut along the marked grooves. Cut out all the way until you reach the bottom of the pumpkin. (See right picture→).


Cut out the flap at the base of the pumpkin along the base groove. (←see left picture).



Step 4: Once you cut off this portion of the pumpkin, you will then cut out a small triangle at the base of the pumpkin.

Note: This step is only needed for light fixtures that have the teardrop at the base of the fixture. (See right picture→).



Step 5: Take the black Sharpie marker and use it to color in any missing areas on the Jack-O-Lantern’s face (←See left picture).




You will turn a half colored pumpkin into a vibrant Jack-O-Lantern that will look amazing once it is lit up (See before and after→).






←Step 6: Prepare your newly made light cover for your garage door lights. Mine has a teardrop at the top and bottom of the light fixture. I used the black handle on the pumpkin to hang it on the top teardrop. This will help so that it does not fall off with any rough wind.The bottom portion of the pumpkin should be able to fit snug around the base of the light fixture. If your fixture is similar to the one pictured, the pumpkin should snap into place. If not, just adjust according to the fixture that you have.

Note: If you do not have a top teardrop, don’t panic, it should still be able to fit around the top of the fixture.



Final Step: Once you secure the pumpkin onto the fixture, you are ready to test out your new Halloween decor!

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